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by Paul Hanna 01 Nov, 2017
"Just wanted to say that the suits are fantastic and the kids are having a blast. The parents love videoing their kids and it draws a real crowd. Next year we may look at another size all going well. So thank you for your fantastic communication and service. We are very pleased."  Julia de Cleene, Christchurch.

We sent Julia  a new  infant sized set of sumos to cater for the 5-9 age group. The next ones up are the junior set at 8 - 13.
by Paul Hanna 01 Oct, 2017
Gladiators and Viking Suits have arrived at the Berlin IAAPA show in October 2017. The suits are fully art worked and are available in all sizes with head gear, shields and play weapons. They can come complete with a mat and inflatable surround.
by Paul Hanna 15 May, 2017
TOKYO: More than 100 Japanese babies faced off Sunday (May 14) in a traditional "crying sumo" ring, an annual ceremony believed to bring infants good health.
by Paul Hanna 02 Apr, 2017
Sumo suits will always create excitement and fun wherever they are used. The J&D Activities Centre in Doncaster proved no exception as visitors to the Saturday events day were introduced to a new sumo set by organiser John Betts. The combination of competition and safe fun is an attraction that motivates the visitors to take part and get 'physical'.

Providing activities & key work sessions for young people with SEN/Disabilities.
Contact: John Betts
Mobile: 07828581594
by Paul Hanna 23 Mar, 2017
Gil Streets, chairman of the trustees of Beaminster Youth Club, said: “We are extremely grateful to Bridport Round Table for the gift of these sumo wrestling suit and safety mat.
“It extends the range of activities that we can offer to our members and gives another sporting event we can do both inside the club and at future outdoor events.”
The group presented the youth club with a cheque for £570 to cover the cost of the suits.
Henry Utteridge, a member of Bridport Round Table, said: “It is great to see the funds we raise being put to good use and for such a worthwhile cause.
“The children at Beaminster Youth Centre were really engaged and enjoying the suits – it is clear the children will have a bouncing time!”
Paula Buxton, the youth club manager, thanked the Round Table for their generous donation.
She said: “It is always lovely to have the support of local organisations and makes the work we do worthwhile when we see how much the children and young people enjoy using the equipment.”
by Paul Hanna 16 Mar, 2017
To include the international scout logo plus the country (Union Jack) and the pack neckerchief in a variety of colours.
by Paul Hanna 12 Mar, 2017
Ceaser and Ted Literally Fight Out Their Issues As Sumo Wrestlers in this Black Ink Crew Bonus Clip
by Paul Hanna 26 Feb, 2017
McGinn started this group with roughly 40 to 50 students investing their own time and money on building small robots to sumo wrestle each other. By working on these robots, the gap between the students and McGinn’s knowledge started to decrease. The goal behind all of this was to build robots that were as sophisticated as possible to solve real world social problems.

The Sii (“Socially Intelligent Interface”) robot is a snapshot into what McGinn thinks can be achieved, as well as a sneak peek into how these robots should look and move. The current model has a 3D-printed head and LCD screens for a mouth, which are used to convey a number of emotions. As robotics is such a new area in engineering, it’s not just the maths and the physics that build the robots. It’s also down to the psychology behind how humans interact with robots. Understanding human psychology is essential for the design of these assistive robots.
by Paul Hanna 14 Feb, 2017
Did you know that the native Australians have been using a similar form of wrestling for thousands of years, it is called Coreeda  and it is not always about size and weight. Will Reid, a 75kg Aussie, tries the sport out and takes us on the sumo journey that leads him to win a bout.
by Paul Hanna 10 Feb, 2017
Not content to just ride the waves in a fun sumo costume the lovers of water fun and sumo wrestling have combined to produce the sumo surf suit.  The suit is inflated around the body surfer and acts like a body protector in the water. Great fun!
by Paul Hanna 07 Feb, 2017
Kisenosato was promoted to “yokozona” status, the highest possible ranking in Japan’s national sport, during a ceremony in Tokyo after winning a grand tournament at the weekend.

A steady stream of foreign-born sumo wrestlers, many hailing from Mongolia or Hawaii, has dominated the ancient sport’s highly respected number one rank for nearly two decades.

The success of 30-year-old Kisenosato marks the first occasion that a native sumo wrestler has achieved yokozuna status since the success of fellow Japanese Wakanohana in 1998.
by Paul Hanna 07 Feb, 2017
It's called 'shokkiri': the use of forbidden moves to entertain the audience.  The sumo wrestlers put on a show. SUMO FUN
by Paul Hanna 05 Feb, 2017
Sumo Run Ireland currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as sumo wrestlers, after breaking the previous record during the first run in 2015. Those taking part this year are encouraged to raise sponsorship to support families affected by cancer, through the work of Purple House Cancer Support.

Entry fees start from €40 and participants can sign up at (your sumo suit is then yours to keep!) Aspiring sumos of all ages are welcome, and children must be above 1.2 metres in height to participate 
by Paul Hanna 31 Jan, 2017
Sumo Suits and dodgeball as the NFC starts mini holiday hots up in Orlando
by Paul Hanna 30 Jan, 2017
Odell Beckham Jr practices receiving a punt for fun in a sumo suit. Check it out.
by Paul Hanna 28 Jan, 2017
Ant 'N Dec have won yet another BAFTA award for television entertainment but Supersumo supplied them with sumo suits for their Saturday Morning Show in back in 1999 where it all began. Here's to another 18 years success boys!
by Paul Hanna 26 Jan, 2017
Supersumo is working on a set of sumos designed specifically for the scouts. Many scout groups operate our sumos but we have never been asked to produce a scout themed suit. Initial drawings are being made and the new scout sumo is due for production in early February 2017.
by Paul Hanna 25 Jan, 2017
Supersumo has gained new customers in Australia as the exchange rate benefits becomes even more attractive to customers wanting to buy British.
by Paul Hanna 25 Jan, 2017
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Check out our new sumo suits for 2018 which include developments in the sumo belt as well as the introduction of new sumo suit designs including the gladiator and viking suits launched at the EAS Berlin 2017.
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