Sumo Fat Suits

  Design that's as simple as 123!  1. Tell us what you want. 2. We'll design it. 3. Make them!


Karate chops
Cool moves
Great Voice
Heavy Weight
Rhine stones

  Football Suits

Choice of colours
Choice of teams
Adult / Junior Sizes
Penalty Practice!
Choice of mat artwork
Supersumo football suits

  Asterix & Obelix

Gallic Courage
Flashing Swords
Great Weight
Nice Outfits

Cowboys & Native Americans

Adults & Juniors
Choice of mat artwork
Cowboys & Indians

  Penguin Suits

Great swimmers
Cold feet
Sharp beaks
Long breaths
Cold Tolerance

  Vicky Pollard Suits

Vicky Pollard v Vicky Pollard
Clashing shell suits
Matching handbags
Vicky Pollard
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